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Hello and Welcome to my website, thank-you for taking the time to visit and I hope you like and enjoy what you see. My name is Janelle although I am more commonly known as Smiley, I live in Australia and I love it, but thanks to the internet I have made friends all over the world. ​I love being creative and have dabbled in all forms of creativeness from artwork to photography even tried some creative writing as well. This site here is mostly just a place for me to show my work.

I have done plenty of artworks and graphics over the years but I don't want to clutter the site with them all so have decided to just post up the one’s I like the most. To make them easier to look through I have separated the site into three different sections: Photography, Artwork and Graphics. Obviously given the names it’s pretty self-explanatory what’s in each section but I’ll give an overview anyway…

Photography is just some of my favourite photos I’ve taken, I have always loved photography and over the years have gotten new and better cameras and my technique has gotten better with more practice and helpful tips from friends. I am definitely no expert in the field but I just love it, I sometimes even surprise myself with how amazing photos have turned out. Most of my photos I have added to this site are of different Landscapes and from adventures I’ve been on including my trips to the UK (2012/2014),  something else I love photographing is Airplanes and also there’s a few shots of Animals too.

Artworks are mostly my favourite works I have done over the years from the sketches and paintings I did at school to the unique crazy pattern drawings I do now. I love the style I have in my artworks my patterns can sometimes be amazing and people often comment that they don’t know how I do it, neither do I, I just start something and get carried away with it, I go with the flow of it and sometimes they turn out amazing.

Graphics is an interesting page and different to the rest of my stuff, but actually the original reason I started up the website. As previously mentioned I love being creative and this was just my way of expressing my love for art and certain TV Shows in the one. I am a geek and proud of it, I’m a huge Amanda Tapping fan and especially the Stargate series; though over the years my fandoms have grown to enjoying and appreciating other shows. Most of the graphics I’ve done relate to the following TV Shows: Red Dwarf, Stargate, Criminal Minds, Continuum and Sanctuary.

Since 2005 I have been attending Conventions and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people, including actors from shows I love but most importantly I have made some of the most brilliant friends ever. Because of this I actually own another website, where I post my write-ups from the conventions I’ve attended plus photos as well you’ll find the link to the page in my Contact & Guestbook page.

Thank you so much for browsing my website and I sincerely hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen, all comments and opinions on my website are welcome and so you can let me know what you think my contacting me or you can like my Facebook page too.

Janelle aka Smiley